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Legal Video Services

In many courtrooms across the country judges are ruling that some videos that are being submitted as factual testimony is in fact inadmissible for various reasons. If you have your depositions filmed by a Legal Video Specialist there is a degree of certainty that the person behind the camera has been tested and has a degree of proficiency. Also you know that the Legal Video Specialist will be accurate, impartial, and trustworthy when filming the deposition.

Video Deposition:
Video depositions aid and compliment the standard depositions that are currently being done. Although it is not a legal requirement to have a deposition videotaped, judges are becoming more rigid in accepting video depositions that are not filmed by Legal Video Specialist. A video deposition can also aid in an out of court settlement due to there being a way to visually see the impact of a testimony given in a deposition. The cost is $325 for the first three hours and $75/hour thereafter (which includes the setup/tear down time cost). We have a three-hour minimum billing.

Court Room Playback:
Once a video deposition has been completed it may be necessary to show the deposition in a courtroom. Azure IX Corporate Legal Video Services will provide Quality courtroom playback services of depositions that we have filmed (we are not responsible for quality of playback filmed by other video depositions firms, but can provide viewing services). The cost of this service is $60/hour with a four-hour minimum billing.

Video Surveillance:
This service would be used to show deception, misrepresentation and/or fraud. This tape is a powerful tool when used to reduce and eliminate claims and suits especially when narrated by a medical expert or other credible subject matter expert, although the tape may be self-explanatory in some instances.  Please call for pricing.

Legal Settlement Informational Video:
A legal settlement Informational Video is a mini documentary that presents compelling information to convince the opposition to make a large out of court settlement before the trial begins. Either side can utilize this tool and couple the video with a doctor's, friend's, plaintiff's, family's, policeman's, employer's and/or defendant's narrative testimony. This tape would be used to show that an out of court settlement would be in the other sides’ best interest. The main objective is to make the other side wary of going into court and speeding up the settlement process. Prices start at only $750.

Day in the life of... Video:
This tape would be a video documentary aimed at the judge and/or jury to influence them to award a larger sum in your favor. This video would show how difficult an injured person’s life is. This tape would show an injured person’s daily routine from getting out-of-bed in the morning to getting around throughout the day, so a jury can see the effect the injury has made on the injured party’s life. Shown in court to a jury it can be a very powerful tool to sway a jury before they begin their deliberation process. Please call for pricing.

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