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You've waited your whole life for this day, your wedding.
Make it perfect. Make it unforgettable... 

The preparations…the vows… the flowers…the first dance…
the secret smiles and quiet moments… the laughter… the memories.

You’re sure you’ll always remember!

But time has a way of fading our memories, even the most precious...

That’s why it’s important to trust the filming of your wedding
day to the professionals at Azure IX Media Wedding Videography.

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Couples Name Wedding Date Cable or DSL Video

Elba & John Lohrasbi March 27th 2004 Lohrasbi Wedding Video
Elizabeth & Gustavo Torres June 19th, 2004 Torres Wedding Video
Anna & Daniel Wateska June 26th, 2004 Wateska Wedding Video
Jaclyn & Ken Chung July 3rd, 2004 Chung Wedding Video
Valli & Atul Gupta July 11th, 2004 Gupta Wedding Video
Julia & Nick Morse July 23rd, 2004 Morse Wedding Video
Erika & Patrick Bromley July 31st, 2004 Bromley Wedding Video
Stacy & Mark Betz August 14th, 2004 Betz Wedding Video
Tina & Mark McHorney August 28th, 2004 McHorney Wedding Video
Sandra & Kyle Morse August 28th, 2004 Morse Wedding Video
Jessica & Andrew Strang September 18th, 2004 Strang Wedding Video
Michelle & William Ballenger September 25th, 2004 Ballenger Wedding Video
Lisa & Anthony Moreno October 9th, 2004 Moreno Wedding Video
Veronica & Jon Burk October 16th, 2004 Burk Wedding Video
Elizabeth & Mike Cappetta October 23rd, 2004 Cappetta Wedding Video
Stacy & Frank Costabile November 20th, 2004 Costabile Wedding Video
Carolyn & Richard Litton June 18th, 2005 Litton Wedding Video
Dhanya & Joey Korah June 19th, 2005 Korah Wedding Video
Jennifer & Eric Miara June 25th, 2005 Mira Wedding Video
Ann & Tim Warner July 16th, 2005 Warner Wedding Video
Veena & Scott Johnson August 6th, 2005 Johnson Wedding Video
Monica & Ben Ponzio September 24th 2005 Ponzio Wedding Video
Grace & Eric Emery October 29th, 2005 Emery Wedding Video
Jennifer & Joseph Benigno November 19th, 2005 Benigno Wedding Video

Elizabeth & Todd Trueman

April 29th 2006 Trueman Wedding Video

Mylene & Andy Richardson

May 27th 2006 Richardson Wedding Video

Stephanie & Sam Sylvester

June 10th 2006 Sylvester Wedding Video
Susan & Jino Jacob July 22nd, 2006 Jacob Wedding Video
Priscilla & Luis Morales August 25th, 2006 Morales Wedding Video
Gina & Daniel Lynch September 2nd, 2006 Lynch Wedding Video
Basheera & Eric Stevenson September 3rd, 2006 My Chicago reception
Ksenia & Matthew Rakowsky September 9th, 2006 Our Wedding day
Meredith & Jason Stone September 16th, 2006 Chicago Style Wedding
Christina & KevinGallagher September 30th, 2006 Schaumburg wedding reception
Beth & Jeremy Bird October 14th, 2006 nappervile events
Joanna & Marshall Waksmundzki December 31st, 2006 New Years Eve Wedding 2006
Amber & Craig Giancaterino March 31st, 2007 Chicago wedding
Nadia & Bryan Starbuck May 12th, 2007 Chicago wedding film
Sonya & Sean Banks May 19th, 2007 My Chicago wedding
Danielle & Michael Weyant June 23rd, 2007 Weyant wedding
Pauline & Sanket Patel August 18th, 2007 Patel Wedding Montage
Theresa & Christopher Schultz September 8th, 2007 Theresa & Christopher Schultz wedding DAY
Leda & Nicholas Olvera September 22nd, 2007 Chicago wedding
Alison & Sean Kelley September 22nd, 2007 Chicago wedding videography
Bethani & Robert Creason October 12th, 2007 Chicago wedding video
Jennifer & Rafal Sosnowski October 20th, 2007 Chicago wedding videography Jennifer & Rafal Sosnowski
Gina & Michael Born February 9th, 2008 Chicago wedding video

Silvija & Christopher Jakubowski

May 24th 2008 Illinois wedding Videography
Monica & Edward Jones July 19th 2008 Chicago wedding video
Jennifer & Chris Stephens July 26th 2008 Chicago wedding video

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